Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Sobe at CVS this week!

Yay!! FREE Sobe at CVS again this week!  I love this!  CVS allows you to use a Buy One Get One Free coupon with their Buy One Get One Free sale...which make FREE Sobe for us!!!

Sobe is Buy One Get One Free again this week!!
Use the BOGO coupon here or play the game here  (you can play the game every day and win the coupon!)
and get 2 for free! (just pay tax!)


Anonymous said...

At my regular CVS on the corner of Morse & Cherry Bottom in Gahanna, this always works fine (and they are always super nice)... but today they were low on stock so I ran over to the one on Hamilton and they pretty much tried to tell me that I was stealing from CVS. :( I tried explaining to them that CVS would still be reimbursed by the manufacturer, etc. but they wouldn't hear it so I walked out without buying anything. -jill

Amy said...

Jill~let me contact CVS as I believe they will send an email stating you can use a coupon with a BOGO sale! Sorry, that it didn't work at that CVS, you are right in that CVS will be reimbursed by the manufacturer, so they're getting their money either way! Stay tuned and I'll try to get my hands on that! (If you're at the first CVS again, get a raincheck that you can use when they get more SOBE in!!!)