Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amazon: $5 off Video Games + Buy 2 and get a $15 credit!

Currently Amazon has a great deal on video games...Save $5 plus you get a $15 credit when you buy 2 video games!  Check out some of the games they have~I saw quite a few DS and Wii games.  It states that this is a limit of one deal per household, just fyi.  Most of the DS games are $25, and if you buy 2 it's like getting 2 for $35 or just $17.50 each.  The above Yogi Bear game is just $24.99 and if you buy 2 you'll get both for $35 after the credit.  The Yogi Bear DS game on Walmart.com is currently $29.82 and is out of stock (and states it's not sold in stores)!  So hurry and take advantage of it!

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