Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free Chi Chi's Salsa at Meijer

I mentioned in the Meijer post this week that ChiChi’s salsa is just $.99, apparently the ChiChi’s Salsa coupon has reached it’s max print, well my friend found that she could order $.50/1 ChiChi salsa coupons on ebay (as they were in the 12/12 ss-don’t know how I missed that). So she ordered a few for me…the one she ordered from has expedite shipping so she paid $3.50 for 40 salsa coupons, she's GREAT! When we use them the coupons will double so we’ll get the salsa for FREE! So here’s the breakdown, 40 Salsas for $3.50 = just over $.08 a jar!!!
So hopefully you can get your order in, my friend emailed the seller and the seller stated she would ship them today and she’s located in Michigan, so we should get them pretty quickly! Don’t forget to go through Ebates to get additional cash back!

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