Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free Kodak Photo books at CVS

I wanted to test this deal before posting about it. CVS allows a Buy One get One Free Manufacturer's coupon to be paired with a Buy One get One Free CVS sale. Well, this week CVS has the Kodak photo books on a Buy one get one free sale.  Plus there's a Buy One Get One Free manufacturer's coupon here.  So you get both Free!  Here's the story of my trip...hope yours is a little better!

I went today and had a manager that I hadn't seen before and I wanted to verify he would let me do this before creating the books (which I recommend you do as each manager can be different.)  He told me that I was NOT allowed to do this and was kind of rude when responding.  Well, I went to the car and called a friend who gave me corporate's number.  I called corporate (800-746-7287) to ask them their policy as I didn't have anything in writing.  And as I suspected...corporate told me that CVS does allow for a BOGO coupon to be paired with a BOGO sale.  So what did I do???  I marched back in there my heart beating a mile a minute and asked to speak to the manager again (while the corporate rep was still on the phone.)  I advised him that I called corporate and I had them on the phone and that they told me I was allowed to do this.  I asked him if he wanted to talk to them and he sheepishly said no.  So as I'm getting ready to walk over to the machine, he then tells me that the machine's not working and that I won't be able to print the book.  I told him, that's okay I'll just make the book and come and pick it up another day.  So I'm making my books and he walks by a few times and one of the times he states...oh by the way that machine IS working.  What???  He just told me it wasn't.  So I'm almost done with my books and the truth finally comes out as to why he didn't want me making a book.  He stated that he didn't know how to put the books together after they were printed so he called another employee to come in early to put my books together.  Crazy...I told him again that it was no big deal, I would just pick them up another day.  So needless to say, just because someone gives you the runaround, don't be afraid to question further.  Be polite, as it will get you much further, but also don't be afraid to question them.

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