Monday, December 20, 2010

Giant Eagle gift cards and fuelperks!

Don't forget...if you still need to pick up gift cards head over to Giant Eagle where you'll receive $.20 in fuelperks for every $50 in gift cards you purchase ($.20/gallon up to 30 gallons in GetGo gas).  Therefore, if you have $.20/gallon in fuelperks and purchase 30 gallons in gas, you'll save $6 in gas for every $50 in gift cards that you purchase.  Not bad if you need to purchase the gift cards anyway!

In addition, I went the other day and was originally under the impression that you didn't receive fuelperks on Visa gift cards.  Well, I was informed that if it's a set amount, for example a $25, or a $50 Visa gift card you will receive credit.  You will not receive credit on the Visa gift cards that let you load whichever amount you would like.  Just a tip, that I just found out and thought I'd pass it along!

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