Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh the things you learn when you're sick! :c) Of course...I had to bring info back so that I could post it!
I don't know about you, but my doctor is horrible at getting back to me when I'm sick and trying to schedule an appt.  So I decided after I hadn't heard from him for over an hour (and those white little spots on the back of my throat were starting to scream) that I would just go to Urgent Care.  So I pull up outside of urgent care and then checked my copay (don't ask me why I didn't do this before I left).  Anyway, it was twice as much as my office visit copay!

Well, with my mindset, I didn't care how sick I was...I was NOT paying 2 times as much for the same diagnosis!  I just needed an antibiotic!  So I had my hubby call The Little Clinic to see if they were open...this is located at The Kroger Marketplace on Rt. 23.  So I headed there as it is only a Doctor's office visit copay!!!  Yay!!! 

I went in, there was no wait and it was so quick!  Signed in, paid my copay, she asked some questions and then did the strep test.  She asked if I wanted to pick up my Rx at Kroger's pharmacy or another pharmacy.  I think I was in and out in less that 30 minutes...and if you've ever been to urgent care, it can be so much longer!  Here are all of the different things they can treat, so if you're having trouble getting into your doctor try it out...I'll do it again!

Common Illnesses:
Bronchitis, Ear Infections, Flu, Pink Eye, Sinus Infections, Sore Throat, Sprains and Strains, Swimmers' Ear, UTIs,

Flu, Pneumonia, Hep A & B, DTaP, TDaP, Td, MMR, IPV, Meningitis, Zostavax, Gardasil, Varicella

Physical Evaluations:
Camp Physicals, School Physicals, Sport Physicals, Dept of Transportation Physicals, Pre-Employment Health Screenings

Additional Services:
Blood Sugar Testing, Cholesterol Testing, Ear Wax Removal, Lipid Panel Testing, Pregnancy Testing, Suture Removal, Tuberculosis Testing, Wart Removal

So check you're local Kroger next time you're there to see if they have The Little Clinic.  I'm unsure if they're only at Kroger Marketplaces or at Krogers in general.

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