Monday, February 21, 2011

Free jeans at Target!

Yay!!! FREE jeans! I just went to Target today and purchased the above 3 pairs of jeans for just $6.25!!! Yep, it's CRAZY!!!

So here's the deal...Target has some of their jeans on clearance for as low as $4.98 (I know great price already), but there's a $5 Target coupon here on any Women's jeans...making my $4.98 jeans...FREE!!

Here are the prices on my 3 pairs of jeans
1-$9.98 -used the $5 coupon, just $4.98
1-$6.24 -used the $5 coupon, just $1.24
1- $4.98 -used the $5 coupon, FREE!

Okay, so even if I wear the jeans to paint in (which I won't) it's so worth it! This is why I LOVE to coupon!

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