Friday, February 12, 2010

Target drives me nuts!

Have I reminded you that I HATE Target when it comes to coupons??? I ran there last night and the above Hershey pieces were on sale for $2.69. Target's coupon policy is that you can use 1 manufacturer's coupon AND 1 Target coupon per item. Well, I believe the cashiers just aren't trained when it comes to coupons!! I bought 4 of the above bags, I had (4) $1 Manufacturer coupons from the 1/31 ss AND (4) $1 Target coupon from their site. The cashier proceeded to tell me that I couldn't use both a Target AND a Manuf. coupon....I advised her that I could. After more discussion she finally accepted the coupon. Target stores vary greatly in their coupon handling...many people down south are lucky as their cashiers are use to working with coupons. Unfortunately up here we have the cashiers that don't seem to know too much about coupons.
So~if you want to try this deal, you'll end up paying $.69/bag of the above. I don't know that I'd go back even if I had more coupons.

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