Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Target Trip all for $5.32 after rebate...had I been thinking it would have only cost $.32

I ran to Target today and picked up all of the above for $10.32 and I will get back a $5 rebate from SC Johnson. (Had I been more on my toes and had a little more sleep, I could have received $10 back by submitting 2 rebates, but the pledge and scrubbing bubbles items were on the same receipt and they state on their form that each rebate must be sent in separately). The last day to purchase items for this rebate is tomorrow, so make sure you keep that in mind if you plan on doing it!

Here's what I bought and the coupons I used:

4 Scrubbing Bubbles $6.99
used (2) $5 manufacturer coupons from 6/13ss
AND used (2) $3 Target coupons from here
some cashiers will give you overage, but the one I had today did not.
Final Cost: Free + tax

3 Crystal Lights $2 each
used (3) $2 manufacturer coupons that I received from Vocalpoint
Final Cost: FREE

2 Pledge Multi Surface $2.84
used (2) $1 coupons from 5/16 ss

1 Pledge Fabric Sweeper $4.84 (i believe)
used $1 from the 5/2 ss

4 Nivea Q10 $3.49
used (2) $2 Manufacturer's coupons from 6/13 rp
AND used (2) $2 Target coupons from here
Final Cost: Free + tax

I paid $10.32 $3.42 of which was tax and I will submit for the $5 SC Johnson rebate here
After the rebate I paid just $5.32 for all of the above...again had I been thinking, and put the scrubbing bubbles and pledge on 2 different transactions/receipts and would have submitted for 2 rebates and then I would have only paid $.32 for all of the above. What was I thinking! Hmmm...I wish I could return it, but I've already used my coupons and wouldn't be able to rebuy it at the same sale price! :c(

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