Friday, July 23, 2010

Opinion Outpost research panel!

Getting paid to take fun is that?  I know, there are some survey companies out there that you question, however I have been a member of Opinion Outpost since last year and I highly recommend it!  It's really simple, they email you when there's a new survey and you simply log in and take the survey.  There was just a $25 survey if you qualified and I knew a few people who qualified and got $25 for a 20 min survey.  Crazy!  (You normally get about $2-$3 per survey)  Not only that at the end of a survey in which you might not qualify you have the chance to win $50 in an instant win game...again I know of people that have won this!

They say there are profiles that you can complete to be offered more surveys...I believe I only completed 2 of these and I am always getting emails in regards to new surveys!  So make sure you check it out!  Another great feature you can request a check once you hit $10, I know other companies have much higher minimums!

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