Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Amazon: Lord of the Rings Trilogy just $1.99 each

*update* it won't let me link to the specific page probably because so many are on Amazon today, so let me tell you how to get there.  Go here, and click "Movies and TV" on the left side under Black Friday Deals, then click "Black Friday Movies and TV deals calendar" on the right side and this will take you to the list!

Here's a crazy Amazon deal beginning at 11:30!  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy via Amazon's Lightning Deal starting at 11:30 am today (11/24).  You can purchase each of the 3 movies on DVD for only $1.99 each!!!!  Now that's pretty awesome!  These will probably go pretty quickly so you'll want to login a little before 11:30 and just refresh the page until it goes live!  (Remember the times listed on the link are PST not EST so you'll want to make sure you have the correct time when grabbing these deals!)

In addition, The Bourne Trilogy DVD’s will also be available for $1.99 each starting at 3:30 pm today.

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