Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did you run to Walgreens yet?

*update, my Hubby just got back from Walgreens and tried the 4 Hallmark wrapping papers, 2 Hallmark Tissue paper and the $5 register reward did not print.  I can't confirm as I wasn't there, but it may have been that the machine that prints the coupons wasn't working, or Walgreens may have pulled the deal.  At times, if a store sees that you can make $3 on 6 items of tissue paper, they change their system so it will not print.  Just wanted to let you all know so that you're aware of it!  Hopefully the machine just wasn't working correctly, as we just did this deal last night and it worked!

So did you make it to Walgreens yet? If not, might I suggest you go today! I bought all of the above for $16.85 and have $10 left in catalina coupons to spend on my next order! If you can see from the picture, I bought the following:

5 Revlon Finger Nail polishes
2 Blistiks
18 rolls of Hallmark Wrapping paper
24 packs of Hallmark Tissue paper
15 Name stickers

Now, you're probably wondering why anyone would need so much wrapping...isn't there such a thing as too much.  (I don't think so as you can always give it away!)  We are having a birthday party for my son today...and we just invite families until our kids are in school.  Well, I go a little crazy with parties sometimes and like to have a theme and of course something for everyone that comes.  So as I was running around yesterday with no thank you gifts and almost in a panic, I had a wonderful thought...since it's so close to Christmas give everyone wrapping paper, tissue paper and name stickers!  Yay, not only is it cute, but it's cheap!  (Now I know my sister reads my blog, so just disregard the "cheap" part of your gift!)

What a cute little gift if you're having people over before the holidays! It's something everyone can use! (I normally put little gift baskets together from my stockpile...but people love it b/c they don't need to go out and buy the items on their own. For my daughters party, I sent everyone home with a cleaning basket which contained all different types of all purpose and bathroom cleaners, sponges, toilet cleaners...I know it seems a bit silly, but everyone loved them!)


Anonymous said...

Did you have any RR when you went in?

Amy said...

No, I started with 6 Hallmark tissue papers which when you use the in ad coupon it's just $2 + tax. And I then received $5 back! A $3 moneymaker!!

Amy said...

I then bought the nail polish at $5.99 and used the $5 from the previous transaction and received another $5 rr coupon. I then bought 4 wrapping papers, 2 tissue paper & 2 sticker name tags and paid with the $5 I earned from the nail polish and so on!