Tuesday, January 11, 2011

$1,000 gift card deals...I know you've heard of them...but have you done one?

Okay, so here’s a deal that I wanted to try before I posted about it…You know those emails that you see where you can get a $1,000 Walmart gift card for signing up for xyz companies? My hubby did this a few years ago for a TV we did get the TV but we haven’t tried it since. Well, Melanie, author of Saving Money in Toledo actually coaches these classes and makes it super easy to keep track of what you signed up for and what you need to cancel. That was always the difficult part, keeping track of when items needed to be cancelled so you weren’t charged for more months. Well, I signed up for her class which was $25 and she walks you through the best and cheapest companies to sign up for. You then email her a list of all of the companies you signed up for and she puts together a spreadsheet as to when you need to cancel the various programs, if you need to return anything and who to follow up with to receive updates on your $1,000 gift card.

It took me just over 8 weeks, (which is normal) but I just received my check this week for $1,000!!! Yay!!! I believe I spent $100 on everything including the class…so it was over a $900 moneymaker!!! It was suppose to be a Walmart gift card, but these apparently come in $1,000 checks that you can use anywhere. My friend also did this deal and received her check too! We also did a $500 Ikea gift card promo through Melanie and we received those really quickly. I used my $500 Ikea gift card, but my friend turned hers into Plastic Jungle that buys gift cards from you at a reduced price, but then you get $400 check back. Granted you lose a little bit of money, but you can then use it wherever you’d like! Melanie is great as she does these all of the time and knows which companies are good and only recommends ones that she's been paid from.

If you want more information on this class you can check out Melanie’s blog here!  Make sure you tell her I sent you!  :c)  She typically holds her class around 9 at night so you can get your little ones to bed and it takes about 2 hours to complete the offers and then you work on cancelling them over the next week.
Not too much time for a $900 profit!!

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