Monday, January 10, 2011

Swagbucks TV earn up to 75 Swagbucks per day

So are you earning Swagbucks yet?? Thanks to Whitney, did you know that you can earn Swagbucks by going to Swagbucks TV?? Yep, you watch episodes (or not watch them*) and everytime the meter gets to 100% you get 5 swagbucks. I believe you can get 75 TV Swagbucks per day. So it may not sound like much, but I'm a numbers-type girl so lets figure this out...If you only log in and earn 75 swagbucks per day (no searching or anything else), 6 days a week, at Christmas you'll have enough points for $250 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards! So why aren't you earning swagbucks yet?  haha!

I've been doing this and here are the tips...if you're not using the computer and you leave it on, simply bring up the Swagbucks TV page and let it run.  It notices that the mouse is on the page and therefore, it will keep playing different videos (everyonce in awhile you need to select a new category of videos).  If you're doing other things on the computer, like I am many times I open a tab with the Swagbucks TV and every few minutes go back to the Swagbucks TV page and it notices that it's my main page and it automatically starts another video clip!

To get to Swagbucks TV simply go to the "earn" tab at the very top of the page and click on Swagbucks TV!

Let me know if you have any questions!  If you want more info on Swagbucks, check out my page here!

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